My Testimony

Hello everyone! I hope everyone’s week is going fine. I for one am glad that it’s a fresh week. The last week for me has not been ideal, but I made it through and that is all that really counts. So this week I wanted to share with you all my story. Some of you may be familiar with it and some of you may not. But it’s been on my spirit to share it with those who aren’t familiar. So I just want to share with everyone what God has brought me through.

Since I was one Jesus had his blood covering me. My mother was killed while I was in the same house. Although she didn’t make it, no harm came to me. I was raised by my father and while he was my world, he had his faults as a man. My father did his best to provide the best for my brothers and I. He even went as far as being a father figure to a lot of my cousins as well. But my father was abusive to women. This was the one aspect of my father that I really disliked. However, it was through my father that I learned what Christ can do. Once my father found Jesus, he became a new man. He was a kinder spirit and he made sure that he brought his family to Christ as well. Sadly, when I was eight my father loss his battle with cancer, a battle he’d been fighting since a teenager.

After the loss of our father, my brother and I lived with my aunt, my father’s sister. We adjusted as best we could. Even though a lot of times I felt like my whole world was turned upside down. Eventually I did adjust, but as a lot of you probably know once you start to get the hang of one obstacle, life throws you another. When I was 13 I got shot. It was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. Facing the possibility of death is something that I will never forget. But during that moment I didn’t ask God to spare my life. I asked Him to allow me to see the kingdom of heaven. Nonetheless, I made it through. I spent that summer before high school recovering.

When I was 16/17 I battled with depression. I never really dealt with my parents’ death and me getting shot. I had a “it’s life move on with it” attitude and eventually all of these things caught up to me. I remember nights praying to God to let me die. I never thought about physically harming myself, but I wished for a bus or something to hit me every time I crossed the street. Eventually I realized that this kind of thinking wasn’t good, so I told my aunt that I might needed counseling. Talking to someone helped, but I found writing to be more therapeutic to me.

I eventually overcame my depression, graduated high school, went off to college and graduated. I had my first attempt and failure at love. And after praying, waiting, and really getting to know myself, I found my husband.

I share all of this to say that it does get better. I don’t know what you’re going through or what your struggle may be. And I know that it may seem dark now, but I promise with God on your side you can make it through anything. Sometimes we need a reminder on what God can do. I should be dead or completely out of my mind, but God has kept me. And if He has brought me through this, He can bring me through anything. And he can do the same for you.

I hope this will uplift and encourage someone out there. You can make it.


Until the next time,

Stay uplifted and inspired.

Jana` Chantel


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  1. Daune/aka Auntie · January 20, 2016


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