Cooning (Unfinished)

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. I am currently dealing with my battle with asthma. The winter time has truly become my nemesis. Nevertheless, it is Tuesday and I have a new post for you all. This piece is something new I’m working on. I haven’t finished it yet. I’m still trying to figure out how to up it, but I hope you all enjoy.


She wanted to be famous for nothing. She wanted to be known for her selfies and her ten second videos. She dreamed of being a bad girl, a basketball wife, or a rapper’s baby mama. She wanted the fame, but none of the talent. She the rewards, but none of the work.

Her fist fights on TV would be talked about around water coolers and break rooms. Her verbal arguments would be analyzed and criticized by radio show hosts. Her twerk videos would go viral on blog sites. She would be a glorified reality TV star.

It was the “it” thing now. People were going on TV and behaving in the worst possible way and getting famous for it. That’s what she wanted to be. She could see it now, a shot of her pulling on some random girl’s hair. Punching her in her face. A shot of one of her breast popping out. She would be talked about on every blog, tabloid, and gossip site out.

Girls would want to be her. Guys would want to date her. And those “self-conscious” black people would hate her. Which was fine with her because she hated them. She hated how they talked about reality TV shows showing negative portrayal of black women. She saw nothing wrong about it. They were just being real to her. Being real and making money. Who cares if they were portraying a “negative stereotype”? Who cares if they’re cooning (as the “socially aware,” “self-conscious” black people call it)? She wanted the glory.

She cared less about recent police brutality and more about the current drama on her favorite reality TV shows. She cared less about the protests and more about the on camera brawls.

That’s all I have right now you guys! I hope you like it. Let me know what you think. Until the next time.

As always, stay uplifted and inspired,

Jana` Chantel



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