One morning while standing at the bus stop a guy and a couple of ladies approached me. They wanted to warn me to be careful because a guy just got robbed at the bus stop earlier that morning. All I could think about was that guy who got robbed. And I wondered why someone would rob someone who was at a bus stop. So that inspired me to write the following. I’m not sure if this is completed and I have no title for it yet, but I feel that the message is clear enough. I hope you all enjoy.


Take a look around the hood and you’ll notice that everything costs more; it’s just the tax of being poor.
Allow the wealthy to catch deals; give them a chance to maintain their mills.
But this is just the way of our society, the unwritten laws on how it be.
Leave the broke robbing the broke—leave no room for hope, no room to grow; just the desire to get up and go, turn your back on the poor.
And this is our world and this is our America.
“Hardships will better ya,” is what a rich man will say to ya.
“Let’s not give these bums our time, let’s pretend that we’re blind—to their suffering.”
“And when we’re in a need of a little clarity, write a blank check to a charity. And although the minorities are now becoming the majority, let us show them that they are still a minority and white is still the thing to be.”
“Let us cast them as thugs, hoodlums, and lawbreakers; and let us still look down on them even if their well-educated.”
“Let us feed them lies and tell them that they can never make it; and let us throw obstacles until we eventually break them.”
“Let us be the background villains and display all of them as killers, let us be the “victims”. And when they come through the justice system, let us be ridiculous by giving them a life sentences—our new form of slavery.”
“And let us ignore our history that are documented in books; let us forget that we’re the original crooks.”
“Let us pretend that we’re moving forward, while secretly holding them all back, by having the essential needs being something that they lack.”
“And we’ll keep all of our wrong doings on the hush and we’ll pretend that we don’t know such—things. And our intentions couldn’t be any clearer; we’re nothing but some ghost villains.”


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