An Era of Real

I live in an era of real, where people claim to always keep it 100 and swear that they are that deal. An era that claims to be the realest alive, but yet is walking contradictions—stunners, pump fakers, Barbies, plastics. And as I really take a look around I realize that no one in this era is real.

I live in era of facades. Where people want to appear to be doing better than they’re really are. An era that is ashamed to admit that they are struggling and cannot afford the things that society popularize. So they live above their mean, blinding you with the “bling, bling” so you won’t see the real—just the facade.

I live in an era where the motto is “fake it until you make it.” But some never makes it so they just keep faking it while screaming out how real they are. They’re driving around in rentals and cars that they can’t afford while living in neighborhoods that are known to hold the poor, but they’re real.

I live in an era where people are not who they say they are. Where people swear that they are so “thug” and “gangsta,” but never done anything that is “thug” nor “gangsta” and when the opportunity presents itself, flees like a little punk.

I live in an era of real. Where a females appearance is often questioned—from her hair down to her fingertips. And there are national debates, yes national debates, that discusses the realness of her ass. This is the era of real.

I live in an era of contradictions. Where what people say doesn’t reflect their action—the evidence nor the truth. And where people never demand them to prove it with their actions, evidence, or the truth.

I live in an era of ignorance. Where stupidity is praised and intellect is shunned. Where the individuals that embody negative stereotypes are known worldwide and are well liked, while the intellectuals go unknown.

I live in an era that doesn’t understand loyalty. Where they’re quick to stab each other in the back and quick to label others snitches, when them their selves are snitches and sometimes end up snitching on themselves.

I live in an era of real. Where ironically nothing in this era is real and is ultimately filled with fakeness and facades. But this is the era of real. And this is the era of contradictions.


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  1. janachantel · October 16, 2012

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