Greetings all,

I hope everyone’s week is starting off well. Been sick over the weekend so I suggest you all double up on some vitamin C this season, I know I will from here on out.

So I would like to share with you all what has been going on with me lately. First off, I have another interview with internet based radio show Esteem Yourself. You can catch my interview on Thursday, September 20th at 11:00 pm EST. The link to the show is provided below. I will be talking about my book, Into My Mind, and other things so be sure to tune in.

I have some other things that I am beginning to dapple in and those affairs are lining up nicely. So be sure to listen out for those announcements. Hopefully these announcements will be coming soon.

Lastly, as some of you all may know, it will be one year since Into My Mind has been release come November. So I am thinking about doing a book give-away as a way to celebrate this occasion. I also plan on hosting another book reading and signing event to celebrate this one year anniversary. I will be announcing these dates, times, and more at a later day.

In the meantime, keep reading my posts, keep continuing the journey, and keep getting uplifted and inspired.

Be sure to tune in to listen my interview this Thursday at 11:00 pm EST:


Peace and Love everyone,

Jana` Chantel


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