A Message to You

Greetings all,

So I took some time out last week to go over my past postings and as I was reading them I thought about the process I go through every week when writing them. Every week I think about some of the things that you all might be going through and I try to write something that is relatable and yet uplifting and encouraging to you. It seems like I’ve achieved that goal, but I’ve realized that I am missing something…me.

I feel as if my blog is lacking me personally so I would like to take this time out to reach out to you for a moment. I talk a lot about pain and struggle, but I wonder if you all know the pain and struggle that I’ve been through. My book Into My Mind gives you an insight on the things that I’ve been through in my life, but how many of you all have bought the book and read it?

So here is a brief synopsis of what it’s all about: at the age of one I’ve witnessed my mother’s murder, lived in a house with domestic violence, dad died of cancer when I was nine, was accidentally shot by my brother when I was thirteen, fell in love and had my heart-broken by a felon, and I seem to have this crazy obsession with death. These are all the things that I’ve been through and overcame. So I know a lot about struggle and pain.

As most of you all may know, I am on a journey to my dream—becoming a successful published author. And even though I overcame a lot of things, I can say that I am still struggling. For those of you out there following your dreams, you know that you have to make sacrifices. Mines are financially (like most of my fellow dream chasers). I am a college graduate who isn’t even making a salary. I work at a job that I enjoy, but I don’t get paid enough to afford gas to put in a car, let alone afford a car. And although I’ve filled out numerous of applications and sent out numerous of resumes, it seems like I can’t get a second job to save my life.

As I go through all of this, I still manage to keep a smile on my face—even when I feel like I want to break down and cry.

Just knowing what I’ve gone through gives me the strength and the faith to know that I will get through this too. And just how I feel like my past has made me the woman that I am today; I know that this struggle will make me an even better woman in the future.

So this is a message to the young woman who has been sexually abused in the past, the young man who feels like trapping (selling drugs) is the only way he can make it, to the single mother who is raising multiple children on her own, to the man that’s struggling to get a job, and to the young people out there chasing a dream, I send you lots of love. Hold on and believe that you can make it. I know you may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders, but just know that I am right there with you—baring the load.

I wish you all love, peace, positivity and prosperity.


Jana` Chantel


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