2nd World

Little nigga children fall asleep to gunshots and drive bys, while the wealthy get sung lullabies. Little niños padres sneak over the border just to struggle and take someone’s order.

It’s the American dream. The American dream. The home of the brave and the land of the free. Someone should’ve told these foreigners that the American dream ain’t really what it seems.

But they come from third world countries. So they come to America, the supposedly wealthiest country. But children from the hood are barely getting food on the table. Brothers killing brothers just like Cain and Able.

So they move from the third world, just to come to the second. Where you’re barely making it by and everything is hecked. And you steady dreaming to be in that first world. Poverished citizens of the states waited their whole lives just to get a taste of that first world.

The second world, where the police are supposedly there to protect and serve. But only answer to calls and protect those who they feel deserve.

Just a piece of the American pie. The poverished wish they can earn enough just to make it by. But the wealthy stay scheming and the government constantly lies.

The American dream. The wealthy stay wealthy while the poor stay poor. The rich get the deals while the poor pays more.

The second world, where 9 times out of 10 you have to rely on government assistants. Living on government cheese and the case workers disrespect you.

But these are the things that you will never hear. They advertise the white picket fence and the traditional family appears to have no care in the world.

The traditional family doesn’t live here. Mothers are often on their own and fathers disappear.

Little black and brown children fall asleep to gunshots and drive bys, while the wealthy get sung lullabies.

Welcome to the second world.


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