Reagan Era

My first hit took me to heights I’ve never been. Seen things I’ve never seen. Dreamed things I’ve never dreamed. I took a hit and that was it.

It seemed like the poison flooded the streets overnight. Everyone was talking about getting high. How high they’ve been. How good was the flight. It was a thrilling ride.

“Just say no.”

I like to think that I wasn’t pressured into taking the drugs. In fact, I wasn’t. I was already doing drugs. The Mary Jane had the brain feeling mellow. But I wouldn’t necessary call that drugs, more like herbal. Anyways, life’s pressure got more intense, so I decided to take something that was more intense. Don’t get me wrong though, society did play a factor into my decision.

It lived up to its hype and then more. I felt so high that I believed that I was soaring in the sky. So I did it some more, but it wasn’t like it was before. Then I found myself doing it even more. But I could never get that same feeling back.

“Just say no.”

The 80s. The era of crack babies. Everybody was having them. Including me. The poison that was going into my system was going into them too. Small, little, fragile things born into this world with an addiction. But even another life couldn’t stop me from getting another flight.

I was on a quest. A quest to be blessed with the journey of my first hit. I could never get close to it. And I was so desperate. I began selling things for money. My baby’s food and diapers weren’t even an exception. I even let drug dealers get a hit so I could get a hit.

The 80s. The era of parentless children. Mothers found dead on a mattress with their child crying next to them. Cliché. Couldn’t believe that that could happen to me, no way. All I could think about was that one hit. That was all I could think about. That hit was it. I no longer felt ashamed when I saw the look of disappointment on my child’s face.

“Just say no.”

I lost weight. I lost weight because I never ate. The drug was the only thing I wanted in my body. The only thing I wanted in my veins. And I’ve never looked the same.

It seemed like the poison flooded the streets overnight. Eventually they found my body lying next to a pipe. And my child was nowhere to be found. Not cliché.

“Just say no.”

The 80s. The era of Ronald Reagan.


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