It was like an outer body experience—liberating, intriguing. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. Caught up on emotions, she wasn’t thinking. She just let what happened happen naturally.

She watched as the life on her victim slowly drained out. She felt the warmth of the red liquid as it seep out, leaving the body cold. She had done this. And it felt empowering.

She slid down onto the floor next to her victim. She watched the light leave out of their eyes. She didn’t plan this. Plan on hurting anybody. In fact, she never even hurt a fly. She was one of those humane types. Those ones who would catch a bug in their house and then set them free. At least, she was. But something must’ve snapped in her this day. Something to make her take a human life away.

All her life she played the victim. The victim of kindness. You know, the type of person whose kindness often gets taken for granted. But she was use to it—the lies, the manipulation. After awhile all that stuff just builds up. Eventually a person just explodes.

She honestly couldn’t remember what the argument was about or if there even was an argument. Maybe they just said something. Something simple like “hey” or “can you do me a favor?” And maybe she just snapped and couldn’t control the things that followed.

She knew what she did was wrong, but she just couldn’t bring herself to feel bad about it. So she thought something was wrong with her. Maybe she was a killer after all.

She would eventually turn herself in. Call the police. Confess what she did. But for right now she was just going to admire her work. She shut the blinds and lay down next to the body. She inhaled deeply—the aroma of decaying flesh and iron filled her nose. Her hands glided through the now lukewarm blood, staining her hands. Her victim lay still—stiff, no longer to experience life again.

She felt like a new person—liberated, free, which was kind of ironic because she knew her freedom was about to get taken away. She was going to be responsible. Accept the consequences of her actions. But for right now she was going to basket in her glory.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She noticed that some of her hair was stained with blood. How long has she been here? Hours? Days? She didn’t know, but she knew it was time. Time to come back to reality.

“Hi, yes I just killed somebody,” she told the 911 operator. She gave them her location and waited patiently. She looked at her lifeless victim one last time and did something that they were unable to do—inhale.

She heard the sirens in the distance. They would be there any minute now. She took one last look around and enjoyed her last few minutes of liberation.


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