Freak Though

“My mama taught me everything fine ain’t the finest/And everything that shine ain’t a diamond.”—T.I. “Freak Though”


She was the kind of chick that men didn’t want to commit to. The neighborhood freak. The chick that everyone on the block had. She was labeled as the community “hoe,” but that label didn’t faze her. She loved sex and she wasn’t going to apologize for that.

She sat on her front porch watching the people in the neighborhood. A group of girls walked passed, giving her an evil look. She just rolled her eyes and bit into her apple. Females hated her, but men loved her. Sometimes it was men that certain girls were into or their boyfriends, fiancés or husbands. But that wasn’t her fault. A man was going to do what he wanted. And she was just the one that they wanted.

“You see we women, we got gold between our legs. Diamond between our thighs.” Her grandmother once said. And that statement couldn’t be more true.

Women were a commodity. And what lies between our thighs is something precious.

She smiled at a young boy who walked passed. He was at the age of puberty so she knew that his mind was on sex. She took another bite out of her apple.

“The value of your commodity goes down every time you share it with someone,” her mother once voiced when she found out the reputation her daughter was getting.

She was never really into relationships—just sex. So her and guys always had a mutual understanding. No emotions. Just physical. They get what they need from each other and go on about their day.

She found it funny that dudes called her a hoe because it never stopped them from seeking her out.

“My diamond may not shine and my gold may no longer glint, but what lies between my thighs you still want to get,” she sometimes said.

She watched as the young boy passed by yet again, staring at her out of the corner of his eye. She smiled and decided to mess with him.

“Hey cutie.”

He turned red, smiled awkwardly and hurried off. She chuckled.

She was who she was and she was comfortable with that. In fact, she loved who she was. She didn’t need to be ashamed of that.

She didn’t want a relationship. She didn’t want to be married. She didn’t want anything from a man except for one thing.

Although it doesn’t shine the brightest, she had gold between her legs. Diamonds between her thighs.



But she’s a freak though.



  1. Frank Allcorn · February 14, 2012

    Maybe, the gold and diamonds are what I liked about women in my younger days. Alas, gold and diamonds are no longer a choice but are still a thing of beauty. Great post

    • janachantel · February 14, 2012

      Thank you!

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