The Ending of a Chapter

I took the time out to reflect on this year and I must say, I got a lot of things accomplished. Not only was I able to become an employed college graduate, but I was able to manage to be employed in a field that I love—publishing. It’s crazy that I dreamed of one day owning my own publishing company and now I’m able to gain experience in this field and learn what it takes to be successful in it. This is such a blessing.

Around this time last year I was a bit sad and stressing over someone who later broke my heart.  Now I am all smiles and so comfortable with the woman who I am that longing for a relationship is no longer my biggest desire. The love that I had for that person has been replaced with true, unconditional love from some amazing friends and family, who accept me for the person that I am. And this love is far better than the previous one.

But my biggest accomplishment of all this year is the publishing of my first book—a collection of personal essays entitled Into My Mind. I’ve really explored topics and situations in my life that I’ve always ignored or ran from. Confronting these things left me feeling like a brand new person, which maybe the cause to my new-found joy. But resolving some of my “demons” isn’t the only reason why I’m so joyful, the fact that I was able to achieve the first part of my dream leaves me smiling from ear to ear.

This year I am a published author.

Of course, I have to be cliché and say with the New Year there will be even a newer me. By the end of next year I would love to say that I am a successful published author. It will be a lot of hard work and a lot of obstacles, but I expect nothing less.

So I have to ask, my fellow readers, what do you plan to accomplish in this New Year?


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