True Angels

“You see world, you’re no good/No matter how I hate flashbacks and rewinds/Can’t escape the pain that be trapped in my mind/Now you see world, you’re no good.”—J. Cole “See World”


They were true innocents—bright futures and long lives ahead of them. Sadly, cut short by the evils of this world. And what makes me sad is that they never had a chance to experience the beauty in this world.

This is for the eight-year-old boy who was chopped up in the freezer, for the seven-year-old girl who was raped and left in a dumpster, for the two-year-old baby girl who still can’t be found, and for the twelve-year-old girl who predicted her own death and knew that it was around.

That baby boy got turned around walking from school, so he asked for directions. Now he’s laying six feet underground—I hope he’s well rested.

That beautiful little girl was so close to home when she got snatched up. And they did some foul things to her—things I don’t want to think of. And her body was found in a dumpster. Found in a dumpster like she was a piece of trash. God, how long will this madness last?

Now babies are taken on their daddy’s watch. Little two-year-old baby has been gone away from home for too long. And I keep praying that God will bring her home safely. She’s been gone for 18 days now. Lord, bring her home safely.

And it’s crazy how women can kill their own babies. Twelve-years-old and she knew she was no longer going to be here—knew that she wasn’t going to make it to see another year.

As I sit back and reflect—I think about their final days, their final hours. What were their thoughts? What did they feel? Their pain. Their pain. To know that they went through that type of pain is driving me insane.

They were pure—and maybe that’s what made them a target. Because nothing in this world can remain pure. But regardless, they were pure.

So to those of you who have tainted the innocents, may God have mercy on your soul. Remember, what you put out comes back to you ten times fold—may God have mercy on your soul.

To the victims’ families, I shed tears for you. I pray that you will remain strong and pull through. Just know that your little angels are watching over you.

To all my little angels around the world that are missing, I pray that God will bring you home.

Lord, allow them to no longer suffer and bring your little angels home.


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