Reading of “This Scar of Mine”

Hello everyone!

As you all may have known, the book launch for Into My Mind was this past Saturday. There was a great turnout and a good amount of books were sold. I gave a reading there, but due to some technical difficulties, I had to do the reading over at home :(. I really wanted you all to experience it at the book launch, but the message is all the same. I hope you all enjoy!



  1. Himes · November 16, 2011

    Do u have an ebook copy?

    • janachantel · November 16, 2011

      Don’t have a ebook copy of it yet, but you can get a copy off of Amazon or I can send you a signed copy.

  2. Kym Lane · December 21, 2011

    I can’t say I know what you been through but, I can say the words you say is very uplifting and encouraging.
    Thanks, Kym

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