The Girl on the Dance Floor

She made herself known when she walked into the club. Not by everyone, but a few spectators noticed her—intrigued by her.  In heels, she’s about 5’7—5’3 without them. Her skin was brown, with make-up covering up any blemishes that she may have had. She wore a black strapless dress. Her hair cut short. Her figure—thick in all the right places, which attracted a lot of guys attention, but not all of them were men.

She sat on the banister that was close to the dance floor. Alone. Because she preferred it that way. She was so unlike the girl who just walked into the club. The complete opposite. Shy. More low-key. When the girl walked pass her she couldn’t help but notice her. It was the way she carried herself—strong, confident—but it was also the sense of sadness that made Shy-Girl noticed her.

She made her way to the dance floor. She was aware that she had drawn attention from a few people, but she was more focused on relieving some stress. The deejay played all the right songs for her. She took the center of the dance floor and made it her stage. Her friends surrounded her, but she paid no attention to them. When she danced, she felt alone, in her own world where no one can reach her, touch her. It was just her and the music. The way she preferred it most of the time.

Shy-Girl was in awe with the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor. She could sense the relief coming off of her. There was a smile playing at her lips. Her sadness completely vanished. Shy-Girl could see that the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor was lost in her own world. She couldn’t keep her eyes off her. The-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor just naturally commanded attention. The way her body swayed to the beat effortlessly just drew Shy-Girl in more. She felt attracted to the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor, not in a sexual way, more like a fellow black woman appreciating another. And what made the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor so beautiful was the pain that lied beneath her. Shy-Girl could imagine her pain: all the broken promises of the world, all the heart-breaks—men only wanting her for her body and not her heart, the lack of love and support from family members and friends. Shy-Girl could see that none of these problems mattered when the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor danced.

The-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor kept pace with the beat. When she rolled her hips, she rolled away the many lovers who just used her body and broke her heart. When she whipped her hair, she whipped away all the negative things that her family members and friends casted at her. And when she dropped to the floor, she dropped all the broken promises of the world—and she left them there. Future heart-breakers would come up behind her, trying to get a feel from that beautiful body of hers. She would cast them away, knowing that she would give them her attention later, but right now she needed to dance. She saw that she had an admirer. A girl that’s been staring at her for a while—an old schoolmate. The-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor gave her a smile of recognition.

She couldn’t help herself. It was the way that the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor danced that made her get up from her seat. And it was the way that the music played that made her keep walking. She’d always been intrigued by her old schoolmate. It was her confidence and her sadness that made her stand out. Shy-Girl always felt like she needed to be close to the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor, so she kept walking closer. The-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor gave her another smile, Shy-Girl returned one.

She danced around her. The-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor always found Shy-Girl to be quiet and sweet. She always had this type of innocence behind her. The-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor had to admit that Shy-Girl had a way of making her feel special when she just looked at her. The-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor danced closer to her. Shy-Girl gave her one of them shy smiles of hers. She locked hands with her.

With her hands locked with the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor’s, Shy-Girl began to dance with the beat—matching her moves with her old schoolmate’s. They smiled. They laughed. Shy-Girl helped the-Girl-on-the-Dance-Floor dance her problems away.



  1. therealhimes · October 4, 2011

    I Like!!!!!! When She Whipped Her Hair She Whipped Away All Negative things.

    • janachantel · October 5, 2011


  2. Beth · October 5, 2011

    A short story with a moral, nice work. Sometimes bonds are formed with a glance although the ones most heard about are romantic. This could be read that way as well although I don’t believe that was your intent… maybe it was. A double interpretation write. I like it.


    • janachantel · October 5, 2011

      Thank-you! You’re right it wasn’t my intent for it to have that double meaning, but once I wrote it and read back over it, I noticed it and just decided to leave it like that. Thanks for the read though.

  3. zumpoems · October 8, 2011

    Very expressive! One searches for an extended meaning that is available based on your approach. Well done!

    • janachantel · October 10, 2011

      Thank you!

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