Dreams into Reality

The manuscript is in and the proof copy is ordered! It feels surreal right now. I always pictured myself getting to this moment, but to actually get here is incredible. To reach something that you always dreamed of and always had a passion for is an “out-of-this-world-experience.” I must say that I am very proud of myself and I know that my family and friends are too.

I would be lying though if I said that I wasn’t nervous. My dream isn’t just publishing a book, it’s publishing a book that is well-known—that is successful. I want the world to know my name, to know my story. And this goal requires time and a lot of patience on my part.

My objective with this book—my objective in life—is to inspire. I feel like this is the reason why I am here. This is the reason why God has given me this talent—to inspire people through my writing.

Naturally, the doubt and the “what if’s” are beginning to creep in. There are times when I ask myself, what if this book doesn’t do well? What if it doesn’t sell? What if the state of Michigan doesn’t know your name, let alone the world? I hate when I get like that, but in the words of Mr. J. Cole “that’s human nature I suppose.” The second guessing comes naturally.

But my faith over conquers all. I know that this is what God has in store for me. I know that he hasn’t led me this far to fail. So I cast the doubts and the “what if’s” aside and I move on with the “I know’s.” I know that this book will do well. I know that this book will sell. I know that one day; the world will know my name. I know this because God told me so ;).

So the release date will be in October (won’t be able to have the orders in by September 29th), sometime after the 11th.

Get prepared, get ready. Into My Mind will be here very soon.

Wish me well.



  1. Star · September 20, 2011

    Congratulation! I knew you would do it. I look forward to purchasing my copy (hopefully you will sign it) and going to see the movie one day in the near future.

    Hey, I wonder if the movie will be as good as the book…:)

    Luv ya and thanks for sharing apart of yourself with us.


    • janachantel · September 20, 2011

      Thanks Mel!

  2. Ronnie Boggess · September 20, 2011

    Jana`, It was our pleasure working with you on this journey. Your dream is about to become a reality. You have a well-written story, tons of support, and faith in yourself and moreso God-What more is needed?

    Ronnie Jones-Boggess
    My Vision Works Publishing

    • janachantel · September 20, 2011

      Thanks Ronnie!

  3. Austin_Marie · September 20, 2011

    Jana I’m so excited! I’ve been reading your posts and I can’t wait to read the whole book. You have a tremendous gift and I’m so excited for you!

    • janachantel · September 20, 2011

      Thanks Austin! 🙂

  4. zumpoems · October 8, 2011

    Congratulations! Consider checking out the new choiceposts.wordpress.com if you want your blog showcased.

    • janachantel · October 10, 2011

      Thanks, I will!

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