First Phase Completed!

So I met with my publisher and we did my book consultation last Monday August 15, 2011. I have to say that it was one of the best days of my life. Just talking about how the book should be, what size, what design, etc. makes me feel so proud of myself. Setting out for something and then achieving it is incredible.

And there is better news…my manuscript is complete! I feel surreal right now. For my fellow dream chasers, completing a step that allows you to get closer to your dreams is amazing (I hope some of you can relate).

So the manuscript is complete and it has been turned in to my publisher. She will look it over and on Thursday August 25, 2011, the publishing process will begin! I’m beyond excited. Just having a hands on experience and seeing what all goes into the publishing process is going to be an amazing experience (after all, I do want to own my own publishing company some day).

The first phase of my journey is completed. The second phase has just begun. And I am closer to my dream!

Wish me well!




    Wishing you well always Congrats!!! God is truly smiling on you!

  2. liv2write2day · August 25, 2011

    Congrats! I’m going through the same process right now. It is exciting and a lot of work, heh? Good luck and have fun with it.

    • janachantel · August 25, 2011

      Thank you! And it is so much work! But I love it. Good luck with your project as well!

  3. Emily Gooch · August 26, 2011

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Congratulations on your book publishing. 🙂

    • janachantel · August 26, 2011

      Thank you!

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