Dream Chasing (Update to My Dream)

So as you all know I decided to publish my book with this Indy publishing company and I must say that I have been happy with my decision ever since. This path to my journey seems like the right one and when you know that, it makes your steps much easier.

So August is quickly approaching. Just about one more week in July and I have one more piece to write and then it is revision time! I must say that I am very proud that I am reaching my goal. It lets me know that this is what I really want.

So as the month of August approaches there are some more goals that I need to set for myself and here there are.

Goals for the month of August:

  • Revisions, revisions, and revisions- I have to go through all of the 10 essays and make the necessary corrections to them.
  • Formatting the layout- I need to decide which essay get puts where so that the flow of the book is right.
  • Promote, promote, and promote- Since I am doing this on my own I definitely need to promote my book before it even comes out so people are aware of it and will buy it.

Although this list isn’t that long, each goal is a time-consuming process. I know I can do it though and as each goal is met, I become one step closer to my dream.

Wish me well!





  1. Sharron Stockhausen · July 27, 2011

    Thanks for letting me know about your blog. I’d love to follow your publishing experience, as I’ve taught college classes on the business of writing since 1990 (whew!) and have watched the industry go through multiple changes.

    My husband and I own Expert Publishing and publish business, self-help, and inspirational books. We work with people who are experts or want to position themselves as experts, and have stringent quality requirements, which surprises some authors because they do pay to publish with us. However, we believe that if they pay for the books, there shouldn’t be any other strings attached like requiring them to store their books with us, to have orders come through us, etc. It’s a simple model and it’s worked for over a decade.

    I’m so pleased you found a publishing option that works for you! I look forward to reading more about your journey.

  2. Madison Woods · August 10, 2011

    Short lists of things to do can be sooooo deceiving. Lots of work between those few lines. Good luck!

    • janachantel · August 10, 2011

      You are SO right! Thank you!

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