Preview of “Because They Said That Good Things Will Come To Those Who Wait”

Because They Said That Good Things Will Come To Those Who Wait

All it takes is a fifteen minute phone call for my heart to race, for the stomach butterflies to flutter, and sometimes for my asthma to act up.

My phone will ring at certain times of the day [4:00, 6:00, and 10:15 p.m.] and I will look at the caller ID to see the word Private. Private. That’s ironic, since I already know who it is that’s calling.

“Hello, you have a prepaid/debt call from [pause]/ ‘Mr. Beautiful Smile**’” I love hearing that name after the woman’s automated voice. “To accept this prepaid/debit call press 0, [press 0] This call is subjected to be monitored. Thank-you for using Embarq.”

“Hello,” he always says.

“Hey,” I always say.

“Wasup Jana`, what you doing?”

“Nothing, just [insert: reading, studying, or watching TV].”

A fifteen minute phone call, that’s all it takes for me to be on cloud nine, for me to experience a high without actually taking drugs, just a fifteen minute phone call.

I never care what we talk about, just as long as I hear his voice. I picture his face while he talks. His flawless like brown skin, his hair freshly cut as waves appear all through it, his goatee neatly lined up. I see his smile as he laughs—his straight, pearly white teeth. That smile, that beautiful smile that causes me to smile.

“So, wasup with you?” he says.


“This call is from the Michigan Department of Corrections.” The woman’s automated voice always interrupts.

I hate when she does that because it reminds me of our situation—taking me away from my high—and less importantly it causes us to repeat whatever we had just said.

We usually talk about what it’s going to be like when he comes home, or we reminisce about how it was like when he was home.

“You gonna be on yo way back to school when I come home. I ain’t gonna like that,” he will sometimes say when we were talking about our future. Or:

“I remember when I first moved to Rudgate,” when we were talking about our past.

“You have one minute left,” the automated woman always says, bringing us back to the present.

“Well, I was just calling to see what you was doing,” he will sometimes say. “I love you and I’ll talk to you later.”

“I love you too,” I will always say, sadly. I never want to get off the phone with him. The feeling of loneliness overwhelms me. I go back to writing papers, reading books, studying for tests, and sleeping alone. All the while wishing he is here with me, talking to me as I write my papers, being in my arms as I read Shakespeare to him, quizzing me for an upcoming test, and holding me in his arms as we sleep through the night together.


“Thank-you for using Embarq.” The automated woman says again. Man, I hate that lady.

**For personal reasons, let’s just call him Mr. Beautiful Smile



  1. nolynol11 · July 21, 2011

    “Wow!”: )…Sounds like someone is in LOVE! Lol I ain’t mad @ ya! It seems like cupid has been working over time. Jana’, don’t be mad @ the automated recording system(Embarq), it’s only a machine. lol If your guy has your back, like it seems like you has his back, i’m quite sure that when he comes home, yall should be ok. When you was describing him, i thought you was describing your pops! Lol …when u was describing his teeth and hair! As long as he treats you right, i’m quite sure god would do the rest. Take care!: ) P.S. Lil C is in my backyard in the pool, having a ball! Lol

  2. Star · July 21, 2011

    Wow, I am not sure if I know where to begin! First let me say that love knows no boundries so one could fall in love with anyone. If this is true then I pray that God protects your love assuming that this might be a true relationship. (If it isn’t, you sure have me fooled.)

    Now, if it is a true relationship, then I would ask you this…is he worth waiting for? Examine what brought him into his current situation and see if that is in line with your beliefs. Sometimes people walk into your life for reasons and seasons. That being said, perhaps his reason and season is up. Your destiny does not have to rely on your past. Sometimes I think people are afraid of moving on because they can’t believe that someone else might find them attractive so they stick with what is familiar. Could this be you? Are you happy with yourself and allowing yourself to grow and experience life? Is your friend worth postponing your future happiness while you wait for his release? Is that release so far off that you’d be a senior citizen before you have a chance to enjoy your adulthood? Does he love you enough to see that having you wait for him would be cruel and perhaps letting you go would allow you to experience a life that maybe he took for granted?

    These are questions that I am struggling with as I read this post. I do believe that this short does make me want to read more so perhaps you can make this into a book. I’d by it.

    Lastly, Trust your instincts and let God guide you and don’t be afraid of reality regardless to if it leads you to your friend or walking away from him.


  3. Nakita · July 22, 2011

    This is DEEP. Of all women, you are in my favor… I love y’all relationship bc you were ALWAYS there no matter what!!!

    • janachantel · July 23, 2011

      Aww thanks sweetie! I always loved you ladies! And I appreciate the support.

  4. Noell · July 23, 2011

    I truly enjoyed that Jana! I never check my FB messages so I never knew you were a fellow blogger as well 🙂 Say hello to a new fan! Feel free to check out m blog if you want.

    • janachantel · July 23, 2011

      Aww thanks Noell! I appreciate it. And I will check out your blog too!

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